March 16, 2012

Friday Favorites

So far, this Friday morning has felt suspiciously like a Monday -- frustrations abound, patience does not, and the hours left until the weekend seem too many to count without giving in and curling up under my desk for a nap. But although I am short on time and energy, there are at least a few happy things inspiring me to get through the day without gathering up everything on my desk and just dropping it directly into the shredder box:

Pretty pink nails (a very rare occurrence around here, inspired by the spring weather) and toes that are also happy to be enjoying the a little warmth.

Sore legs -- the good kind of sore that mean my runs this week have been quality. It has been amazing to get back to running outside and feeling less of that bad sort of pain this week. I've struggled a bit with motivation and getting used to some increased mileage, but I pushed myself hard this week and am proud that I got so many miles in. I'm hoping that after the weekend this will end up being a 30(-ish) mile week, and while I'd love to be hitting 40 mile weeks like I was at the peak of training last summer/fall, I'm extremely happy with how I've bounced back from a rather rough winter.

Sometimes the 80-year-old woman in me comes out to play. I had an odd craving for Raisin Bran recently, so I picked up a box last weekend and have had it for breakfast every day this week. I finished the box this morning, and it was delicious. In all honesty, I'm not a huge fan of the raisins, but it is worth suffering through them for the "bran" part. When we grocery shop this week, though, I'm already excited to go back to my very favorite:
(My name is Meg, and I am addicted to cereal...)

Speaking of addictions: I've seen praise for this little piece of genius floating around the blog world a lot lately, and I have to say that I, too, am absolutely and hopelessly obsessed. I am not a big game person (the only "game" I play regularly on my iPad is the wonderful Sporcle), but I have definitely wasted more hours of my life than I'd like to admit on this in the past few days. I am an absolutely terrible artist and feel so bad for the random people I've been matched with, but I am having way too much fun to stop.

These guys never get old. Love, love, love.

We are taking my step-mom out to dinner tonight to celebrate her birthday, and my mouth is already watering. There will be an excellent salad, top-notch bread basket, juicy prime rib, baked potato, and an excellent glass of wine (or 2). I will probably be miserable all night and into tomorrow, but it will absolutely be worth it. I shouldn't even mention that dessert will be waiting for us at home in the form of this...
... which will surely not look as good as those, but hopefully will taste as amazing. If you need me for the rest of the weekend, I'll be in a food coma.

So now it's just a matter of convincing the clock to work a little faster, nudging it forward towards 5:00. So close, yet so far away....
Happy weekend, everyone!



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