July 25, 2012

Party Like It's Your...

It's a pretty exciting day around here.
A very special person is celebrating a whole quarter century on the planet.
 (Does that make him sound ancient? I only have 4 months to get in all the "old person" jokes until I, too, join him as a 25-year-old.)

Happy birthday to my favorite partner in crime,
the resident spider killer,
the redeeming good looks in all of our pictures,
the guy who can always make me smile,
a wonderful dad to our furballs,
(no matter what Toby thinks)
my hero,
my high school sweetheart,
my very best friend,
and the love of my life.
I am absolutely crazy about you...
(although I'm obviously not the only one)
and I'm so glad that this year, I'm not getting on a plane to leave you.
Love you so much!



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