July 2, 2012

Questions... Served Warm

First, a disclaimer: I make no promises on the quality of today's thoughts. After several straight days of triple-digit temps and 60+ hours without electricity at home, my brain has turned to sludge and I am not at all far from throwing my hands up and crawling into the refrigerator to cry alongside all of our melting food. What I lack in mental capacity, however, I make up in curiosity today. Unfortunately, few of the questions plaguing me today come with answers...
Why did most of our neighborhood celebrate the return of their power on Saturday morning... except for our building? It has been torturous the past few evenings to drive past all the happily lit apartments on the way to our dark and increasingly sauna-like home. In an effort to get the most out of a tiny breeze last night, hubs and I slept on the floor in front of our back door. It may have been slightly cooler (even though we had to close the door during the night when yet another loud storm barreled through), but my muscles are certainly expressing their displeasure this morning. The only silver lining is that our clubhouse does have power, so I was able to enjoy a chilly shower there (which beats an icy shower at home) after working out this morning. 
How long until my ice cream melts? We evacuated most of our food to my mom's extra fridge and freezer on Saturday evening, but I left the ice cream behind as a safeguard in case my core temperature gets too high. Nothing cools you down like a pint of Phish Food froyo.
Why do my legs hate me? After a few blissful months of pain-free running, my right leg decided to hit the brakes on such fun. It has been killing me since early last week -- a different pain than the one I endured for most of the winter, but every bit as frustrating. I have been spending lots of time on the elliptical, which seems to be helping some, but I am so sad when I think of the miles I had planned to cover in the past week.
When am I ever going to pick bridesmaids dresses? I had a little mini panic attack about this one yesterday. I've known basically what I want for a long time, but the procrastinator in me has had a really tough time nailing it down. Now I'm having nightmares about rush order fees and dresses that don't arrive on time and bridesmaids that get fed up and bail. Luckily, this question is easy to answer: today. I swear, cross my heart and hope to still have six bridesmaids who love me at the end of this.
Is summer over yet? I have had quite enough of this heat. My wardrobe can't keep up with this many daily episodes of I'm-too-sweaty-to-keep-wearing-this-and-even-though-I've-only-had-it-on-for-ten-minutes-I-have-to-change-clothes-immediately.
What is the best movie you'll see this year? Thankfully, this very important question also has an easy answer:
Go see it. No really... now. It's ok, I'll wait.
How on earth do those people move so fast? Between the swimming and track trials, I spent most of last week trying to pick up my jaw off the floor and steady myself from the whiplash I endured tracking some of the speediest athletes on the planet. Those people are incredible.
And finally, a rather time-sensitive question that I am currently headed off to answer: what's for lunch?
Happy Monday, everyone!



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