April 21, 2011

Checking In from a Whirlwind

Oh hey there, real life -- nice to know that you kept up with everything while I've been off basking in newlywed bliss! I do apologize for the deafening silence from my end lately -- last week's to-do list got a tiny bit ahead of me and every time I tried to sit down and write, I was interrupted by at least 3 more things that needed to be done rightatthatmoment. Needless to say, the days leading up to Saturday's festivities were absolutely filled with stress, over-commitment, painful credit card swipes, and butterflies. Thankfully, though, there were lots of fun moments with friends, incredibly helpful family members, an overwhelming abundance of pretty flowers, and a few glasses of wine thrown into the mix to keep me sane. Despite all the chaos of the preceding days, every last detail went (surprisingly) perfectly, and I was lucky enough to be able to relax and just enjoy the day. 
The next time I take a vacation, though, please remind me to take the whole week, because there is truly nothing more sobering than coming back to work on a Thursday to a chorus of "Congratulations!" followed quickly by "Here's the pile of work that I could have done, but decided to save for you!" Top that with a few versions of "While you were gone, we decided that you'd be the ideal person to take care of this new project," and you have one seriously swamped new bride. Especially since all I can think about is how much I'd like to be at home with my sweet new hubby and our fluffball, who we both missed an obscene amount while we were gone. Trust me, I have never been so thrilled that it is Thursday and the weekend is right around the corner!
As you can tell, I'll be playing catch-up for the next few days -- on work, all of your wonderful blogs, and the laundry, which is again threatening to swallow poor Toby alive. Regular posting will return soon with wedding pictures and other exciting things!


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