April 3, 2011

Silent Sundays, Crazy Wedding Style

I have spent an incredible amount of time this week researching anything and everything wedding: readings, flowers, music, shoes, decorations, invitations, cakes.... you get the idea. I've seen enough ruffles and lace to last me for at least the next 10 years. Some of the pictures I have run across, though, were just too ridiculous not to share:

Yep, ladies and gentlemen: that's all train. A mile's worth. Think about this for a second: when this bride was standing at the altar, the end of her train was a few blocks down the street!
I really hope it's just the light that makes this dress look pink. It's bad enough without being the color of cotton candy. This poor girl looks like she's in danger of drowning though.
I get that every bride should feel like a fairy tale princess on their big day. Dressing like one? Not so much.
The blue cowgirl-esque dresses, the flowers, the headpieces, the half naked woman in the background... there is just so much wrong with this picture!
I really have no words for this. Just... ick.
What happens when you tell the cake designer that you'd like "a little of everything?" This disaster.
Of all the awful wedding pictures, though, this one really just takes the cake (I know, I just couldn't pass that one up). This lovely and oh-so-modest bridezilla had a cake made of herself... complete with sunflowers adorning her busom. What wedding guest would be willing to eat this?!



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