April 13, 2011

A Wedding Dilemma

Brace yourselves, dear readers, because I'm about to let you in on a little secret about me. Except really, it's no secret at all, I just like to pretend that not everyone I've ever come into contact with has picked up on this itty bitty... character flaw. You see, when it comes to making big important life-changing any choices, I can be incredibly, awfully, annoyingly indecisive. It's a personality trait that has driven my parents crazy for years, and now, they are (quite graciously) handing over the frustration to Dan. Who has approximately the same amount of difficulty making decisions. It's truly a wonder we ever eat dinner when we are together, if one is to judge by the number of times "I don't really care, what do you feel like?" is repeated.
Surprisingly, though, when it came to wedding planning, I had pretty solid ideas about what I wanted (and what I definitely didn't want). Luckily, those ideas were, for the most part, fairly easily realized. I knew what kind of dress I wanted, and I found it. I knew what kind of shoes I wanted, and I (finally) found them. I knew what I wanted the flowers to look like, (generally) how I wanted the ceremony to go, and even what I wanted to ice the cupcakes (cream cheese frosting, what else?). So now, with 3 days to go, almost everything is locked and loaded, leaving me with just one more major decision. Only this particular choice has been plaguing me for weeks, keeping me up at night, and monopolizing my thoughts during the day: the music. The processional, specifically. Dan and I have picked the perfect "recessional" -- even though we won't really be leaving, it will just be played when the ceremony is finished. I am thrilled and can't wait to see everyone's faces for that one. But after hours and hours of searching for a processional, I am still completely and totally... indecisive. 
Part of my problem is that I have, actually, had this gorgeous piece selected for over a year, but when confronted with two weddings, I decided I wanted to save it for the big one. Since the processional will be quite short this time around, I didn't think it would do such a beautiful song justice... and thus began the hunt for something else. For a while, I was set on this Mussorgsky piece, but even I had to admit that it would probably be more appropriate for the future princess Middleton (can I make a suggestion, Kate?!) So here I am, back at square one, googling and scouring YouTube like mad in search of an ideal musical addition to our ceremony. Hunting for the perfect combination of unique and familiar, soft and harmony-rich, whimsical and situationally appropriate. I've found several possibilities, and this is where you, dear blogging community, come in:

[I love this song, but I'm worried that the instrumental version sounds a little like a movie trailer]

[from The Princess Bride -- this theme is so simple and cute]

[Again very simple, and this is one of my mom's and my very favorite artists, meaning that I would definitely cry....]

[from Finding Neverland]

[a little more traditional, but still very pretty]

What do you think of these options? Do you have any more perfect ideas that I just have to try? 
Please, please lend me your wisdom!



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