January 17, 2012

Apple of my Eye

I have a rather exciting confession to make. That package the hubby and I were eagerly awaiting on Friday afternoon? It contained our official entry for membership in the cult of Apple. True, we started this transition a while back thanks to our iPads: Dan's is over a year old now (practically qualifying as a historical relic), mine was a birthday gift a few months back. And we haven't completely made the switch, as I am rather attached to the lovely Dell laptop that my sweet hubby bought me for Christmas this year (it's been a big few months for technology upgrades around these parts, let me tell you). But this weekend, our little family made a big leap toward Mr. Jobs' end of the continuum: we traded in our aging little android phones for shiny new iPhones.
I will admit, the first 24 hours left me mildly disappointed. I couldn't get certain applications to sync, nothing from my old phone seemed to want to transfer, and I was a little sad to leave behind certain android perks like the cute little weather animation (go ahead, laugh at me -- my husband certainly did). My incredibly full google calendar showed up blank, and only a random 28 contacts made their way across the stratosphere, leaving over a hundred more lost somewhere in the interim. I was also a little let down when the first person I showed failed to share in my excitement, but made no effort to hide their judgement about how much we had paid (a total which was, in fact, surprisingly small and came with a substantial reduction to our monthly bill). I can't lie, I went to bed Friday night with more than a little buyer's remorse weighing on my tired brain.
After spending the weekend exploring and experimenting, however, I think it's safe to say that I'm in love. Every last piece of information is finally transferred, the angry birds are in full swing, and Siri and I have become great friends. I love that I can read blogs, Kindle books, and an incredible amount of news right from my phone (although this makes me a little nervous about productivity levels in the near future). I am also over-excited by the new podcast app I downloaded -- I use this every day and was so frustrated with my old one, but the new version is worlds better. I couldn't believe how clunky and slow my poor dying android seemed when I picked it up last night after spending just two days with its lovely Apple counterpart. I've never been one to own the latest version of any kind of technology, so between the phone, iPad, and new laptop, I am feeling so cutting edge and up-to-date that I can barely stand it.
All of that being said, I am really looking forward to unplugging this weekend. Dan and I are escaping with two wonderful friends (and their adorable baby girl) to a nearby ski resort for a long weekend of laughter and wine-tasting and yummy food. I am more than ready to turn off the technology and spend some time celebrating the guys' safe return!
Until then, though, please fill me in: what are the apps you can't live without?? 



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