January 6, 2012

Friday Fluff

I have to sit at this desk for another three hours and pretend to work, but my brain has already clocked out, kicked off the heels, and reclined with an adult beverage. Honestly, I can't remember a time when I was so over being at work. Since last Friday, at least. The last 3 hours of the workweek are always downright brutal.
Speaking of brutal, this week at work has been particularly so. Something about sitting here at my computer for 8 hours a day while my hubby is spending his vacation time sleeping and playing with our new puppy just doesn't thrill me... I can't imagine why. Add to that the handful of coworkers who seem to think it is their job to jump up and down all over my last nerve, and let me tell you: girlfriend needs a long weekend. Except that last weekend was a 3 day weekend. And the weekend before that. Let me rephrase that: girlfriend needs a longer weekend. I think 5 days miiight do the trick.
Since my brain seems to have taken a half day, these lovely little bullet points are going to be as good as it gets right now. Please don't expect them to make too much sense.
-- While I didn't make any running resolutions this year, I did mention that I might have some goals for 2012. By which I mean I should have some goals, but I haven't gotten myself together enough to set them. I'm sure that when that happens, they will include a few races, a few training improvements, and getting rid of this damn pain in my right leg. For now, though, I'm still super excited by the thought that I ran over 1000 miles in 2011 (1045, to be exact), which seems pretty decent considering it was my first year running and I had some injury-prone months in there.
 -- Speaking of running, I have been itching to get some new running clothes... I am dying for a new pair of these. And perhaps one of these. And most definitely a pair of these. If only my wallet agreed.
 -- It's shocking how much more I look forward to my evenings now that they involve snuggling up with my husband and catnapping on the couch. Even if I have to go to the gym first, just knowing that he will be there when I get home is terribly exciting. Looking back, I'm honestly not sure how I got through 7+ months without the guy.
 -- This weekend I bought a fancy brand new moisturizer for my face. I will refrain from mentioning the brand, but it's a well-known and typically highly-recommended name, and this one was specifically for sensitive skin. I used it three times on Monday and Tuesday, and by Wednesday morning my face was drier than the Mojave. Days (and several applications of my old moisturizer) later, my cheeks are still itching like crazy. I might as well have thrown that $14 directly in the trash.
 -- This weekend is the first in recent memory that I anticipate having lots of time to sleep, and I plan to take full advantage of this. I was so used to going to bed early when Dan was gone, now that he is home I struggle to make it past 10. In other words, I am the very definition of exciting (he thinks so, at least).
 -- I have never in my life looked forward to spring... I like the season just fine, but I usually save all seasonal anticipation for the glory of fall weather. The past few weeks, though, as I've driven around in my unheated car (please just don't even ask) with icicles hanging from my extremities, I have been absolutely dreaming of those warm spring nights. The lovely outdoor pool cruelly mocks me from my treadmill, as I am too much of a wimp to even run outside after dark in this weather (and these days, it's pretty much always dark). Dearest groundhog, I am putting my request in early: Daffodils. Pronto.
 -- And finally, a confession: a little over a month ago, when my life was just downright awful, I stopped reading blogs. First, let's back up -- my reader is filled with the works of about 25 lovely bloggers who write about a wide variety of things: running, cooking, dating, marriage, babies, pregnancy, autism, photography, cute puppies... the list goes on. Every day for the past few years, I spent a bit of time reading what each and every one of those ladies has to say, and that time has always been of my very favorite parts of the day. I am inspired and motivated by all of the blogs I read, I am always learning new things, and I am only slightly ashamed at how creepy it sounds when I speak about these girls to others as if they are the closest of friends. Once upon a time, I checked my reader more than once a day, just hoping for the chance to read something new and wonderful. But in late November, when my dad was in bad shape and my world was falling apart, I just couldn't take it: I couldn't read about the lives of others, I couldn't give their writing the attention it deserved. I tried not to feel bad about it, but as unread posts started to build up, I couldn't help but feel terrible for getting so behind. After my dad died I thought I would catch up and go back to reading, but I found by then that my reader was even more daunting... not only did I still not feel like facing the normalcy of others' days, but I was so far behind that it would take me quite a bit of time to catch up. Even in a normal year, December just does not come with that kind of free time. So I put it off and put it off and even my guilty conscience seemed to become less bothersome as I got better at ignoring that little number of unread posts. 
A few days ago, though, I suddenly realized how much I missed my favorite blogs. My running motivation had reached an all time low, I didn't have any recipes that I was dying to try, and my days were woefully void of cute baby pictures, fun stories, and surprising bits of knowledge. So I have spent the past three days wading through hundreds of blog posts, catching up on lives, reading about crappy days and wonderful days and holidays and runs and dinners and first teeth and second dates and races and gifts and small victories. Phew. Let me tell you... I feel so much better. I feel like a hole in my life has been filled. I am once again inspired. And I will never again go so long without reading.
Happy weekend, everyone!



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