January 3, 2012


Is there anyone out there??
Toby here... you've probably seen pictures of me around this place before:

I've hijacked mom's computer today with a plea for assistance. Yesterday I was all snuggled up on the couch, dreaming of Wheat Thins (no kidding, that's my favorite snack) when my mom and dad came home. They had been gone all afternoon so I was pretty excited to see them... until I caught a glimpse of what they had with them. I didn't get a great look in the appproximately .3 seconds it took me to dive under the couch, but it was big. And black. And furry. And did I mention big?? Huge.
Since then, I've mostly been hiding in the bathroom or on top of the refrigerator... whatever that thing is, it can't be very smart because it hasn't found me yet. Early this morning I was right under the bed when I saw these huge things walking around...

... but thank goodness it didn't hang around for long. Dad said something about going outside and it ran away... seems like a pretty dumb idea to me, it's really cold out there. I think it's only a matter of time until I lose this little game of hide and seek though, because it has a pretty big nose...

So I'm officially making an offer. I sort of doubt that anyone reads this thing (my mom can be really long-winded and boring...) but if someone does see this:

Fluffy, sweet, well-behaved cat -- free to good home!



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