January 9, 2012

January Blues

Yesterday, something went down in our household that I would have sworn to you would never happen. My husband uttered words that I would have bet my life savings would not in a million years cross his lips. That's right: yesterday morning, Mr. Christmas himself looked me square in the eye and said "Can I take down the tree tomorrow?" I am still reeling from the shock.
Sadly, I can no longer come up with a good excuse to leave up our lovely evergreen just a few more days... the holidays are officially over, ladies and gentlemen. The worst part, however, is that with the tree go the decorations: my singing snowmen and carol-playing Snoopy and "brrrr"-ing Winnie the Pooh must retreat to their boxes for another 11 months in storage. My Zwarte Piet (Dutch elves) must be tucked away, the advent calendar doors must be closed, and the rosemary bush dried and shaken down into potpourri. Perhaps saddest of all, this means that our brand-new adorable stockings must finally be emptied of their chocolate and folded up until next December (unless I can think of a clever excuse to reuse them for Valentine's Day...)
The disappearance of these seasonal items leaves our living room looking a bit empty, so my next project is to find a few new accessories for our sparse coffee table and bookshelves. As is the norm these days, my first instinct was to turn to the lovely pinterest for answers. As is also the norm, pinterest did not disappoint:

Adorable pinwheels in a flowerpot
Colorful lanterns!
The perfect way to use up all those lingering candy canes
Perfect idea for Valentines Day...
or Easter.
 Love these flower/floating candle combinations
Gorgeous for fall
I think I will probably give this look a try -- I have about a gazillion white candles and vases, so I'm going to pick up a bag of cranberries tonight and see how they work.
The winner, though, has to be this incredibly unique and adorable use of vegetables:
If I had lots of time on my hands, I would absolutely start eating the middle out of cutting up some artichokes.
The small bit of my brain that is just slightly crafty is itching to try a few of these ideas. Also, stay tuned -- next up: our boring white walls!



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