January 30, 2012

Laziness At Its Worst (or Best?)

This weekend was completely, utterly, incredibly... blissfully lazy. I went into it with a to-do list miles long, but instead the list of what I did not accomplish trails on and on: I did not make muffins with the poor bananas that are slowly browning on our kitchen counter. I did not reorganize our closet, as I have been vowing to do for weeks now. I did not cook dinner even once, despite having all the ingredients for a soup I have been dying to try. I did not prep my lunches for this week, an omission which I regretted this morning as I ran late. I did not get ahead on reading for work, or spend time on the wedding details that so desperately need my undivided attention. I did not clean my desk or file any of the paperwork that has been piling ever higher, most likely burying something very important and time-sensitive. I did not plan meals for this week, determine what groceries we need, or even take stock of our refrigerator to see what should be consumed in a timely manner. I did not make a dent in our overflowing laundry basket or sink. I neglected the dozens of errands that need to be run. And I am being absolutely honest when I say that this list doesn't even really scratch the surface. I could go on for weeks.
Despite all that, I do have a short list of things I did do this weekend: I slept more than any person should be allowed to sleep in two days, and it felt fantastic. I lounged on the couch, snapping pictures of this snoozing pair:
I sipped coffee at Panera and attempted to work on that to-do list, managing in the end to write two emails and four and a half handwritten notes to wonderful friends. I spend a while on the phone with my best friend, catching up on her life after going far too long between conversations (in a perfect world, she would still live next door... oh how I miss those days). I spent time with my mom and stepdad as well as Dan's brother and his girlfriend. I practically devoured a good book and realized how much I miss reading all the time. I literally devoured the delicious breakfast sandwich Dan made Saturday morning, wasting not one thought on how many calories I was inhaling. I went to the gym twice and enjoyed taking my time, spending as long as I wanted to on each machine, relishing the feeling of not having to rush through my workout. I laughed with my husband until my sides hurt. I took Tess down to the dog park and chatted with new friends while she had a blast rolling around with her new canine buddies.
So while the number and importance of things I did not get done this weekend may wildly outweigh those things I did get done, I would argue that my time was well spent. So what if I have a lot to catch up on this week? I would take time with friends over time with my washing machine any day. I would always rather snuggle with my husband and our furballs than clean the actual furballs that Tess and Toby leave behind. I will pick sleep over cleaning ninety-nine times out of one hundred (wouldn't you?) Besides, if I've learned anything in my few short years, it's that the laundry? It will still be there tomorrow.



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