April 20, 2012

Friday Favorites: In Color

There's nothing quite like a beautiful, sunkissed spring Friday to convince you to quit your job and pursue a lifetime of poolside sitting, iced coffee (or ice tea) drinking, and napping in the sun. Unfortunately, I hear that kind of thing doesn't exactly pay well, so it probably wouldn't be a good match for the other thing such a gorgeous day makes me want to do: clear out my closets and buy a bunch of new things for my spring wardrobe. It's a tough trade-off, but after a lot of thought, I've decided to keep the job for now so that I can pay for the clothes rent. Pretty responsible of me, don't you think?
That doesn't mean, though, that there won't be a lot of window-shopping and wish-list-creating going on over here this spring. I have overflowing shopping carts on at least four of my favorite websites. Filled with what? you ask? (You didn't ask? Humph. Didn't anyone ever teach you just to play along?) I'll give you a hint: at least three quarters of the clothes in my closet are some shade of black, and (for once in my life) it's time for a change.

[I've never really been a pink girl, but I can certainly appreciate a little coral in my life. I love all of these, but my finger is especially itching to click "purchase" on the top left dress....]

[I love the color blue but rarely wear it. I think my closet would be a nice home for any of these, though -- especially the $2,800 Tiffany necklace.]

[Ok, so grey isn't exactly colorful, but I wear it often and find it really flattering. Both of these dresses are so adorable, I'm trying hard to think of events to justify their purchase.]

[I rarely wear yellow, either, but I do actually own this scarf (and love it). We have a wedding coming up for which I've been asked to wear yellow, despite the fact that I'm not even in the wedding... humph. But I'm trying hard to stifle my annoyance and instead pondering the purchase of this dress. And finally, it certainly wouldn't be a wish list without Kate Spade shoes!]

[Another color I don't wear too much (seriously, my closet is largely black and white) but really love when I do. I think that amazing bag might be my top priority, but I'm also daydreaming about all the outfits I own that would be so much cuter with that necklace. Also: I'm not typically a fan of green nail polish, but this shade is tempting even for me.]

I think it may be time to hide my wallet... 
On another note, this is the first time I've ever used Polyvore, and I finally understand all the excitement for which I'm at least six months too late. Exactly what I need, another website to suck up the hours in my day.



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