April 26, 2012

Thursday Things

 -- This kind of made my day yesterday...
(from this weekend's race)
 I came in 38th out of over 600 runners and was the 7th female overall to finish -- less than 2 minutes off the leading female's time. I always race for times, not to compete against others, but a PR and a division award certainly motivates me to keep training hard.
 -- Last night, as happens periodically, I came home from a run to find that the military had thrown up all over my living room. Dan was headed to drill this morning and has some kind of gear check while he is there, so I spent the evening calling out strange army abbreviations as he scrambled to find and pack everything he had been issued for the deployment. Luckily, the cat chose to watch most of this adventure from the safety of my lap, otherwise I don't doubt that he would have been thrown in a duffel bag and presented to a supply sergeant today.
1 CAT. orange. med-reg sz, fluffy. NOT suited for wet weather.
The whole effort was greatly complicated by the fact that half of the stuff he has to verify is still in his footlocker, which didn't make it back to the states until a few weeks ago and has been sitting at the armory ever since. I for one am really thrilled about all the civilian clothes that were also in that footlocker, which will be arriving in my laundry tomorrow evening in all their musty, sandy glory.
 -- For the past week, I've had a very strong urge to go for a long drive. Actually, if we're being honest, I've had a very strong urge to sit in the passenger seat while my husband goes for a long drive. I would blame it on the gorgeous spring weather, but it's been raining for almost a week here... I guess I'm just a little sick of the crowded city and the interstate on which I commute twice a day.
 -- It is quite difficult to work with someone who already knows everything about everything. By the third day of training, my replacement was already informing me of the ways she planned to do my job differently, and she has spent this week attempting to order me around and giving me instructions on what I should be doing for her. Needless to say, the end of my rope is rapidly approaching... and it's a long way to the ground once she falls off. I'm trying hard to be patient since I am down to mere hours putting up with her, but there's a tiny part of me that hopes her overconfidence causes something to blow up in her face once I'm gone -- a little reality check might go a long way for this one.
 -- Since Dan is at drill today and tomorrow, I'm playing single lady for the night. Plans include a long run (unfortunately either in the rain or on the treadmill), takeout, and watching movies in bed. That's right, this is a veritable hotbed of excitement. Try not to get too jealous.
 -- As much as she drives me crazy sometimes, who could stay mad at this face?
Happy Thursday, everyone!



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