April 9, 2012

South End of a Bunny Going North (among other things)

It seems that over the past several, life sort of got in the way of my blogging (I hate it when that happens). There were too many things to be done, and just not enough minutes in the day to do them and write about them, too. This week will likely bring more of the same, as I work through my last real week at my old job (before I start two weeks of hell training my replacement next Monday), get ready to head out of town yet again this weekend, and fight the never-ending battle against our apartment and its messy tendencies. Hopefully I will find a bit more time to write about all of that excitement (I know, I know -- hang on to your seats).
Until then, here's a little peek at what we've been up to lately:

I'm finally getting to run outside in the mornings again -- the sunrise right now gives me just enough time to get in a quick 4-5 miles before I have to head home and get ready for work. It has been pretty chilly a few mornings, but this view beats the treadmill any day.

We've enjoyed lots of time at the dog park lately, getting to know our neighbors as Tess chases their poor pups at top speed. I laugh because when we first moved in about a year and a half ago, I thought going to the gym was the perfect way to meet people from the neighborhood. A year and a half later, I've not yet made a single friend at the gym, but we meet new people practically every week at the dog park.
Important to note: Tess only gets to sit on the benches like a human (which she loves) when she is the only canine present. Spoiled much?
Saturday morning I bit the bullet and ran my first race since last October. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it felt and glad I (finally) made the decision to run it. There will be a more detailed race recap coming soon. A huge thanks to my awesome mother (a race pro at this point), wonderful father-in-law, and this handsome guy:
who came to watch me run. It was so amazing to see their faces when I got past that finish line!
Saturday evening I did a little baking...
and Sunday morning woke up to assemble this guy:
(A little hard to see, but there are two back paws, a tail, and two ears -- retrospectively realized to be backwards. Those things in the top right corner are supposed to be carrots.)
Hopefully the title of this post makes sense now. The recipe was actually pretty easy and turned out very cute. He tasted delicious, too -- I used boxed devil's food cake but made my own icing, which I think helped. If I ever do this again, I think I'd try a spice cake to go with all that coconut.
And just in case you needed reassurance that all is right in Toby's world:
... never fear, this guy doesn't miss many naps.

On top of all that, there were several hours spent on taxes (no pictures there... it wasn't a terribly exciting process), lots of miles run, some quality Easter time with family, and one very long-anticipated Saturday afternoon nap for me, as well.
Now, I'm off to create my weekly to-do list -- you know, the one I've been writing in my head all weekend but waited until now to put onto paper. I'm thinking the first item on the list will be "write weekly to-do list," in an effort to ensure that at least one thing gets checked off between now and Friday...
Happy Monday, everyone!



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