April 13, 2012

Friday Favorites: Short and Sweet

Today, my to do list looks a little something like this:
Work on the left, personal (covertly labeled "other" for the benefit of nosy coworkers) on the right. This is only the 9-5 list, since I have all kinds of other things that have to be done after work: 5 mile run, serious apartment clean, multiple loads of laundry... all fun things, clearly. At least several of those can be done with a glass of wine in one hand. For now, though, the game is called How Many Things Can We Accomplish Before Meg Runs Out of Steam and A. Collapses or B. Bites Someone's Head Off. Fingers crossed for the former.
Sadly, all of these tasks that are oh-so-patiently waiting leave me little time to come up with too many favorite things today. I do, however, have one very brief but absolutely worthwhile thing to share: 33 Animals Who Are Extremely Disappointed in You. Trust me, this is a gem -- fantastic pictures and extremely funny captions. My favorites have to be the rabbits, so here's a sneak peek:
"1. This rabbit feels like you always leave her out of your plans and she is 
beginning to wonder whether it mightn't be deliberate."

And because Toby is just so darn cute, here's my own addition to the list:
This cat is dismayed that you have so many things left to do... 
and yet here you sit.

So on that note, I'm off to get started. Happy weekend, everyone!



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