April 12, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

 -- This morning before I got to work, I: ran a quick 5k, packed a lunch for the hubs, fed both furballs, stood outside in the cold while a certain furball (ahem) took forever to do her thing, cleaned our guest bathroom, scooped the litter box, cleaned our bathtub (no grapefruit this time, sadly), got myself ready for work, picked up our closet, packed my own lunch, washed dishes, and took out the trash. It is now 9:00, and I am exhausted.
 -- Yesterday after work, I headed to my favorite running spot and cranked out 8 and a quarter particularly happy miles. It was cool but not too cold, my legs felt good, and it was one of those runs where I was just thrilled to be out there moving. My splits were not very consistent, but I was pretty pleased with them.
(mile 3 = all uphill)
 -- After I finished, I headed over to my happy place:
This particular DD still offers pumpkin iced coffee. In April. While this thrills me, I am very concerned that fall will be slightly less exciting when I've been drinking these all year. Whenever I go, I tell myself that I'll just order a regular iced coffee, but somehow the word "pumpkin" slips in there every time. A little self-control would easily fix this problem, but clearly I don't have any of that.
 -- Do the political ads on Pandora really bother anyone else? I take time every day to read trusted sources of political news and stay informed, but I generally consider campaign commercials to be truth distortion at best. I don't care which candidate, party, or lobbying interest has paid for them, I just hate them... and I really hate that now I have to suffer through them several times a day while I listen to music.
 -- While I'm ranting... coworkers whose perfume/hair products/bad breath/general odor I can smell from my own desk? Ick.
 -- I have a package of chicken thawing in the fridge for dinner tonight, meaning we have some big decisions to make in the next 10 hours...
Barbeque chicken quesadillas or chicken tenders? Pesto chicken pasta or buffalo chicken pasta? So many possibilities! 
 -- On a related note, what on earth would I ever cook if it weren't for this amazing blog?
 -- And finally, an important reminder:
Happy Thursday!



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