April 2, 2012

Spring Sprang Sprung

I'm a little a lot baffled by the fact that it is already April. It seems like we just ushered out that rather rotund, red-suited old man to hunker down up north and work on next years' naughty/nice lists, and now all of a sudden there's an oversized bunny breathing down our necks, tempting us with chocolate we know we shouldn't have. Spring break has come and gone (and once again this year forgotten to take me), and before we know it we are going to be planning Fourth of July barbeques and complaining about the heat... except we seem to be doing that already. Springtime weather showed up for approximately 24 hours a few weeks ago, and then rolled right on into summer. By August, if I haven't melted, you'll find me standing in front of the freezer by day and running only between the hours of midnight and 4AM.
I may or may not be silently counting down the days until Thanksgiving (who am I kidding, I started that the day after last Turkey Day), but this spring is going to be busy and exciting and stressful and is likely to zip by on its own. There are certain things I'm really looking forward to, but several other things I am not ready for at all...
I am absolutely ready for grilling and eating outside. Nothing says summer like burgers, grilled chicken, or veggies straight off the grill. I am lucky to have a hubby who loves to grill.... and I suppose he is lucky to have a wife who loves to eat everything he grills. Yum. My favorite part about eating in the summer, though, is dining outside at all of our favorite restaurants. There is nothing better than enjoying a fantastic meal, a great glass of wine, and a good dose of people watching, and then going for a walk to burn off a few calories... or just to get to the closest frozen yogurt.
I am absolutely NOT ready to give up those meals out in the interest of our poor bank account. The thing that stinks about saving for a wedding? And paying rent? And having precious little disposable income in the first place? It kind of cuts down on fun things... like going out to eat. The frozen yogurt budget. Replacing the sad, broken heels I wear to work every day. Grocery shopping without sweating bullets about how much it's all going to cost. No fun.
I am absolutely ready to get back to building my long run mileage outside on gorgeous days. I covered 8 miles on Saturday, which wouldn't have been anything to sneeze at months ago when 8 miles was a mid-week, medium-length run, but with all the injury fun I've had this winter, I was pretty satisfied. It felt good and strong and happy, and I am definitely looking forward to more runs like that as I get back into shape.
I am absolutely NOT ready to get back to racing... I think. I'm pretty sure it's more mental than physical, but I'm kind of freaking out at the thought of getting back into a little healthy competition. I know my legs can cover the distance, but I'm plagued with fears about pacing. I don't want to spend a ton of money on a race that I can't run well and end with a time I'm happy about. There's an 8k in town this weekend that I've been stressing over for weeks, and I'm still driving myself crazy over it.
I am absolutely ready for sundress season. My closet is full of dresses that have been wasting away from neglect all winter. I am more than ready to break them out... I am a big fan of throwing on a dress in the mornings and avoiding the whole "do I match?" debacle.
I am absolutely NOT ready for swimsuit season. Despite what seemed like thousands of situps this winter, my midsection is not quite ready for the light of day.
I am absolutely ready for days spent lounging by the pool. Besides the aforementioned tummy insecurity, I am extremely excited for a few naps by our gorgeous neighborhood pool in the near future. I have missed the sun and the relaxation that comes with a cold drink, cool water, and nothing more to accomplish than a good book on the Kindle.
I am absolutely NOT ready for days spent working inside when the weather is beautiful. Oh, how I miss college in the spring: the freedom to spend any and all non-class hours (and even a few very-much-class-hours) outside in the sun, drinking coffee and "studying" with friends. Those certainly were the days.
I am absolutely ready to spend lots more time with friends. The craziness at work for the past few months has meant that I've fallen out of touch with lots of wonderful girls, a fact which I hate. I am more than ready to catch up with these ladies, and to spend more time with those who are close enough to visit.
I am absolutely NOT ready for the weddings coming up in my life. May 5: still need to buy a dress. July 28: still need to plan and host a shower/luncheon. September 28: (oh hey, that's my wedding!) still need to choose/book/purchase/send/taste/pay for about a thousand things. Ack.
I am ABSOLUTELY SO VERY READY to start a NEW JOB!!! I've been hinting at it for weeks now, but it's finally official at the office and so I can finally feel comfortable talking about it here: I start working in a new position on April 30, and I am practically beside myself with excitement and anticipation. I am staying with the same company, but I'll be moving to a job that is much more in tune with my skills, my interests, and my ambition. Especially considering the recent huge, awful work project that threatened to overtake my entire life, this change could not have come at a better time. 
So there you have it: spring = equal parts incredibly excited and terrifyingly unprepared. Ready, set, go!



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