May 19, 2012

Friday Favorites

As anxiously as I have been waiting for this weekend (which brings with it not one but two opportunities to sleep late!), I was a little shocked to realize, as I was driving into work this morning, that it was Friday already. I ran my mid-week long run yesterday instead of Wednesday this week, so that threw me off a bit, but honestly the days have just flown by. Work has gotten busier and busier as I learn and take on more responsibility, and  between runs, family time, wedding stuff, and the enduring crusade to keep our apartment clean (some weeks we win, some weeks we lose), my afternoons always fill up before I can blink. I have been falling into bed at night and struggling to pull myself out in the mornings, and I have a strong feeling that this morning's cup of coffee is the only reason I'm still awake right now. Needless to say, my weekend priorities look something like this: sleep late, long run, nap by the pool, nap on the couch, go to bed early. I'm also hoping we can squeeze in a cheap date one night... it's been so long since Dan and I got to go out by ourselves!
I am short on time today -- we are down to crunch time on that pesky decision I've been trying to make all week -- so this week's favorites are a bit condensed.
(Edited to add: I am finally uploading this picture after no less than 2.5 hours spent fighting with the once-lovely Photobucket. They managed to "upgrade" their collage process recently, and seem to have instead ruined it. So frustrating and disappointing. Does anyone have tips for other websites to make picture collages?)

1. I've been wanting this beauty for almost a year now, and the other day I finally caved in and clicked "purchase." It should be waiting at my doorstep tonight! 2. I am loving this book, by this fantastic blogger. I'm not even quite done reading yet, and I've already given copies to two of my favorite mothers (my own and my friend N) in hopes they will love it too. 3. A few nights ago, I made the easiest, most delicious apple crisp ever. Apples, maple syrup, brown sugar, cinnamon, and oatmeal... super simple but so yummy. 4. These are adorable! Hard to tell in the picture, but the "bride" card has a string of pearls and the "groom" has a little bow tie. 5. Gorgeous, if only I had a few hundred dollars just lying around. 6. Love this so much. 7. This movie has been in my queue forever and I finally watched it a few nights ago. Not the best I've ever seen, but still pretty good. 8. How amazing are these? I will be addressing upwards of 125 save the dates in the next few weeks and I so wish they could look this incredible. 9. I have a serious weakness when it comes to this stuff. Note to self: no more until after the wedding... neither of those dresses would look good on a blimp.

Happy weekend, everyone!



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