May 7, 2012


Nothing like a little dose of Monday to kill that nice three-day-weekend feeling, right? 

I seem to have taken a little unintended blogging vacation, but am working hard on getting caught up today so that I don't spend the whole week behind. Adjusting to a different type of workday is definitely a challenge, but I hope that as I start to take on more individual tasks in the new position it will be easier to get things done.
This long weekend actually felt shorter than most, thanks to all the driving, lots of events, and a few too many cocktails. Since my cup of coffee is the only thing standing between my head and my desk right now, I'm going to stick to just a few highlights.
 -- Our weekend was bookended by two 7-ish hour drives. We left home super early Friday morning and arrived in SC by mid-afternoon, and didn't get home until almost midnight last night. I'm sure it would have been a different story had I been the one actually driving all that time (thanks to my wonderful hubby for getting us down and back safely), but I actually love long car rides like this. It was nice to read, nap, talk with the hubs, and just enjoy the scenery. I had been craving a long drive recently anyway, so the timing was perfect.
 -- Our hotel was fabulous, which was lucky considering the small fortune I spent for two nights there. The room was excellent, the service was great, and most importantly, the treadmill was fantastic. Running outside just wasn't a option, which normally makes for a miserable morning workout, but even I am a sucker for a treadmill with its own personal TV. How I Met Your Mother and Friends distracted me so well that I made it through almost 15 miles on that thing (over two mornings) without hating that I was stuck inside.
 -- Although we didn't get much of a chance to explore Charleston while we were there, we were able to enjoy some of their excellent foods and beverages. I had a particularly fantastic plate of chicken salad on Saturday, Dan was pretty pleased with some macaroni and cheese, and we stopped for a great brunch yesterday:
(that omelet included smoked salmon and dill cream cheese. be still my heart.)
The bellini pictured above was the perfect before-noon adult beverage, and I can safely say that I consumed my fair share of tequila over the course of the weekend as well:
(an awful picture of me, but worth it to showcase the size of that beauty)
They also served a blue margarita at the wedding that was incredible. And of course no alcohol-soaked weekend is complete without a late-night trip to Taco Bell... yum.
 -- The best part of the weekend, though, was getting to hang out with some wonderful people:
cuddled up with a (finally) sleeping nephew
with my (fingers-crossed) future sister-in-law and my brother-in-law (although not the brother she is dating)
my handsome hubby!

I think this may be one of those rare days that calls not for an afternoon run/workout, but an afternoon nap. Hope that your Monday is fabulous!



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