May 23, 2012


Someone was not too happy about getting up this morning... someone seems to take after his mother. 

If we're being honest, this has been a tough week so far. Monday was a high-stakes day at work -- not just for me, but the company in general. Luckily, everything related to my position went smoothly, and the rest I think went as well as anyone could have hoped. I am still, however, coming down from that rather dramatic spike in my stress level. I am also currently powering through day 3 of Monday's leftover stress headache. Lovely.
In addition, I discovered yesterday morning that my very favorite necklace, my "deployment gift" from Dan and most valued piece of jewelry besides my engagement and wedding rings, had mysteriously disappeared. I have turned the apartment inside out looking for it, but am afraid that there is more to it than "it fell off the hook where I always hang it and I'll find it soon." While I know that in the grand scheme of things, it is a relatively small loss and can even eventually be replaced (at a cost, of course), I am honestly devastated. The sentimental value is something that certainly can't be recovered: this is the necklace Dan gave me the night I flew into Indiana to see him, the one I wore almost every day while he was gone, the one that came to be a symbol of my strength and the strength of our relationship (the piece itself is was a tiny infinity knot, hence the cheesy symbolism). I am still hoping that it will miraculously turn up, but unfortunately circumstances make this seem unlikely.
On top of all that, the week has piled on lots of little annoyances: a sliced open and painful finger, an increasingly annoying coworker (luckily a holdover from my old position with whom I shouldn't have to deal much longer), and a dreary rain that makes things like running, dog park trips, and venturing outside with anything resembling straight hair rather difficult. There have been new shoes that don't fit, toilets that aspire to be rushing rivers, a car that seems to fall apart a bit more every day, and a few painful deductions from my wallet for those pesky necessities like electricity and gas. Dan also started his new work schedule this week, which means that Tues-Thurs he works late and I'm left rather lonely in the evenings. I know it's even harder on him, too, when he has to drive home at 10:30 after a long afternoon/evening of work.
So it's been a crummy week so far. Luckily, there's a bright and shiny three day weekend waiting for me at the end, if it would just hurry up. Meanwhile, I'm going to combat the rain clouds (the ones outside as well as the one that seems to be stuck over my head) by doing a little research...

honeymoon dreaming

Here's hoping the back half of this week is happier than the front!



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