May 29, 2012

Holiday Weekend Happy

yummy lunch delivery from my sweet hubby
 lunchtime pedicure
gorgeous afternoon
 a few of these at a rooftop bar
fantastic concert (yep, that's Gary Sinise)
meeting Lt. Dan himself! (with my mom, stepdad, and my own Lt. Dan)
such a talented and genuinely awesome guy

up early for a long and hot run
refueling by the pool with one of these
practiced my acceptance speech while sweating buckets taking lunch to my working hubby
packed the car and headed for the lake, stopping for one of these mid-trip
collapsed into bed and slept like... a very sleepy kitty cat

woke up early again and headed out for a very hilly recovery run
sat on the deck and soaked up the morning sun while the rest of the house woke up, then enjoyed Dan's grandmother's famous breakfast (eaten too quickly for pictures)... yum
went for a long, beautiful boat ride
discovered a new-found love
enjoyed a gorgeous sunset
and a nice little fire
before some hot tub relaxation with this guy

enjoyed sunshine and gentle waves on the floating dock
spoke to some rather cute floating friends
made a face when it was time to leave
stopped here for the first time in years for a very guilty pleasure...
ate more of these than I will admit to
and consequently spent some quality time here last night.

Hope your holiday weekend was wonderful!



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