October 26, 2012

A Warm Welcome

On Wednesday morning, two of our very best friends welcomed a beautiful new baby girl (their second) into the world. I died a little bit inside each hour that I had to sit at work that day, and finally snuck out a little early to hit the road (rather fast) and make friends with this little one.
she insisted on having her feet out of that blanket
There is truly nothing in the world like holding a newborn in your arms. Even though she punctuated her peaceful napping with a few episodes of screaming her little lungs out while I snuggled with her, it was calming and grounding to hold this little one, less than 12 hours old and already cute as a button (Actually, cuter than a button. Are buttons cute?) Her teeny tiny self is perfect, and I'm so glad that after nine months of watching her (mom) grow, we can finally spend some time spoiling her (shhh, don't tell her parents that plan!) I'm already counting the minutes until Dan and I get over there on Sunday to hang out with mom and the girls while dad works.
I did have to chuckle, though -- as I left work on Wednesday, one of my coworkers called after me: "Be careful, it's contagious!"



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