October 24, 2012

The Brighter Side of the Internet

Some days, the internet is a depressing place. It seems to be full of junk like celebrity gossip, misinformed political rants, and advertisement after bad advertisement. You have to wade through puddles of spam emails advertising a chance to "win a million dollar$!," snarky facebook comments, boasting declarations of superiority, and the constant inundation of disrespect, whining, and selfishness that characterizes social media sites and beyond. It's even easier to get drenched in the truly upsetting corners of the web -- reports of international strife, economic collapse, hunger, oppression, and violence. Given enough time, anyone could find themselves struggling to stay afloat in the flood of ignorance, hate, and despair.
Sometimes, though, you stumble across something good -- something that inspires, comforts, and restores your faith in humanity. Amidst the rubble, something glimmers with hope for change, love for one another, a promise that the world isn't quite the dark place it often appears. Something speaks to your very soul, compels you to listen, and encourages you to share. So today I'm sharing, because the world could use a little sunshine to balance all that rain.

Heard this report on the radio this morning. Crying your eyes out on the way to work is always the best way to start a Wednesday, no? Such an inspiration. Take a few minutes to listen (the article is good, but the audio itself is better)... and have a kleenex handy.
This little guy kind of breaks my heart. I love that he is holding the firefighter's hand as he drinks. This picture is just one of a great collection of powerful photographs.

Another inspirational NPR snippet (yes, I am quite proudly addicted) on the power of running. I love the quote at the end: "I feel like you meet yourself again when you run."

wonderful Pinterest find

This letter... nothing I could say would do it justice. It's one of those things that everyone should be required to read.

I've always had a hard time with the concept that "everything will be okay in the end." It drives me crazy when people try to comfort me with this, because really, some things just aren't okay. This is much more my speed.

And just in case that wasn't quite enough warm-fuzzy inspiration to get you through your Wednesday, here's one last shot at it:



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