October 5, 2012

The View from Friday

I thought that after the wedding, time might resume a normal pace and I wouldn't wake up on Fridays wondering what happened to the first four days of the week (or on Mondays wondering where Saturday and Sunday ran off to), but it seems that for now, at least, life's going to continue at full speed. I was lucky enough to score a four-day workweek this week, but it was so chock-ful of having friends and family over, grocery shopping, catching up at the gym, cleaning, cooking for friends, and rescuing one overly curious cat from behind the washing machine that I feel like it could have been two weeks crammed into one... except it all happened in the space of a blink. The only thing that kept me moving was the knowledge that thanks to our good friend Chris:
(who is certainly better known for his discoveries than his looks...)
 ... this weekend is also a glorious three whole days. Sadly the hubs left bright and early this morning to go play army for the weekend, so it's just me and this guy:
(such a helper)
holding down the fort. We have exciting plans for cat naps, college football, and some yummy food. I went grocery shopping last night for the first time in so long and I'm really looking forward to getting back in the kitchen and putting some of our wedding gifts to good use! The menu for next week includes chili, buffalo chicken pasta, pumpkin muffins, and ribs on this beauty:
an amazing wedding gift from two wonderful friends!
Besides all the cooking, I have a lot of cleaning to do... our house still looks like a wedding exploded, so I'll be devoting a some quality time to sorting through the piles and finding new homes for all of our new stuff! I am also dying to do a little fall decorating, so I think a Target trip may be in order.
Tonight, though, I'm treating myself to a night off: I have a date with my couch, an artichoke, a pumpkin beer, and a movie. Exciting times, people. Try not to be jealous.
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!



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