October 18, 2012

Things You Need to Read Today

I just poured my second cup of coffee, which may tell you all you need to know about today. If it doesn't, know this: I poured my second cup out of the strong pot. Every morning some godly coworker of mine starts two pots of coffee -- one of regular coffee, and one that comes with a real kick in the butt in every cup. 99 out of 100 mornings, I allow myself a cup of the regular coffee. This morning, though, I think I need that kick.
I am finally feeling better, a combination of lots of sleep and also spending some time in my happy place (ie the gym) last night and again this morning. When I'm not feeling 100%, I usually find that if I can make it through a workout, I feel so much better. The routine is comforting, the activity is distracting, and pushing my limits a bit always reminds me how awesome my body is, even if it hasn't exactly been kind to me in the past few days. I think the combination of taking care of myself with a little extra snoozing and then sweating the icky feeling out was just what I needed.
Now, I'm sitting here realizing how little I got done in the past few days while I focused on trying to keep my moaning at a not-quite-audible-to-those-around-me level. I am behind in all kinds of things: laundry, cleaning, staying ahead of the fresh/not-so-fresh curve in my refrigerator. Hence the second cup of coffee: just thinking about all the things I need to get done before I go to bed tonight makes me sleepy. 
I couldn't help but take a few seconds to write today, though, because two things in the blog world are capturing (captivating, really) my attention recently and begging for yours. So pour yourself a second cup of coffee and take a few minutes:
First, read this post from the incredible mom of sweet Sarah. I discovered Sarah's blog several months ago, and have loved following along with her "Week in the Life of Me" posts. She and her family are truly incredible, an inspiring example of making the best of what life hands you. Sarah's mom's words today are honest and beautiful. Thank goodness there are people in this world like her, the usher who helped her that day, and of course Sarah herself.
Second, I send you over to Glennon. I landed on her blog just a few weeks ago thanks to Kelle, and fell in love immediately. This woman... let me tell you. She is real. She is so raw and open and genuine that it hurts sometimes, but that good kind of hurt that makes you know that you're gaining strength and that your eyes are just a little bit more open than they were. She tells it like it is: no hesitations, no apologies. She inspires, she rallies, she does great things with her honesty and with the people who love it. Right now, though, Glennon needs thoughts, wishes, prayers, laughter, tears, courage, and whatever else you can spare to send her way. Head on over and, if you can, hold some space for her while she hurts and heals.
Thanks to these two ladies, for being willing to share their lives with us and teach us so much in the process.



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