October 9, 2012

Will Run for Pumpkin

Fall blustered in this weekend in so many ways, and I couldn't be happier (or colder, but unfortunately that comes with the territory). I was sadly husband-less for a lot of the weekend, as Dan was out of town Fri-Sun and had to work yesterday, but Toby and I made the most of it, got a few things accomplished, and caught up on some much needed shut eye. The lower temps that started Sunday made for a great excuse to snuggle up on the couch:
champion sleeper
awkwardly trying to capture him sound asleep on my lap (leaving my legs similarly sound asleep)
Besides the snoring, I also spent a little time in the kitchen, drinking pumpkin coffee and whipping up a few yummy meals. The weekend's cooking culminated in the season's first crockpot full of chili last night, which screams "fall" to me like nothing else. I feel like I spent hours washing dishes, but the delicious results were worth it (I may have had a bowl for "dessert" last night... meaning I'm ready for chunky sweater season anytime now, people).
The most exciting part of the weekend, however, involved another favorite way to welcome fall -- a sweaty few miles sniffing around the neighborhood, seeking out the best-smelling fire (kidding... sort of. I get pretty excited when I smell one). I've been feeling for a few weeks now like it might be time to switch out the treadmill belt for some real-live pavement, but like I've mentioned before, heading back out onto the roads after an injury feels a little daunting. Luckily the cooler, overcast weather, beautiful leaves, and the prospect of a new neighborhood to explore put up such a good fight on Saturday afternoon that I laced up and locked the door behind me before I could think twice... and it turned out to be the best decision I made all weekend. I originally planned to keep the run super short, but once I got going I actually didn't want to stop. I had a hard time convincing myself to turn around and head back home, and when I finally did, I was pretty tempted to run past my driveway and keep on trucking. My legs felt surprisingly fast and I loved exploring just a few of the new roads and paths that make up my new stomping running grounds. This neighborhood is truly runner heaven -- miles and miles of road, sidewalk, rolling hills, pond loops, and shady paths right outside my front door. I'm pretty sure that I could run 7 days a week and find a different route to take each time. And even though I was a little worried that the thrill would be short-lived, yesterday morning I headed out for another few miles, tried out a new loop, and had another speedy and fantastic run. I'm sold.
Even though the next few weekends promise to be filled with more exciting fall activities, this one was just what I needed -- some snuggling, some cooking, some pumpkin, and a good healthy dose of sweat.



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