October 17, 2012

You Might Be Behind If...

... you're just posting the weekend's pictures on Wednesday. We had a super busy few days and then I started feeling sick on Monday, so the week kind of got away from me. After 11+ hours of sleep last night, I'm feeling slightly better, so let's get caught up a bit.
Our weekend was packed full, and ran the spectrum from a fancy gala on Friday night to baling hay on a friend's farm Sunday evening. In between, there were a few football games (including one particularly depressing one that I actually attended), Dan's soccer game, a visit to our favorite kennel, helping our friends put together their nursery for baby girl (7 more days!), several yummy meals, and, of course, some gym time. Here are a few of the pictures I managed to capture, courtesy of Instagram:
my editor keeping a close eye as I worked on Friday's remarks
dressed up for the gala
... and then someone started to tickle me.
gorgeous fall Sunday

hanging out with the soon-to-be big sister!


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