October 22, 2012

What's In A Weekend?

This weekend was full of excitement. Friday night, Dan and I headed out to watch our hometown university team take on their rivals in soccer:
Such a fantastic picture. I really can't understand why no one wants to hire me as a sports photographer.
much better
It was a great game (and we won!) but my toes were frozen by the end. Afterwards we met up with a friend for dinner, but sadly the food was pretty terrible (for me, at least). By the end of the night I was truly struggling to keep my eyes open, and I crashed hard on the couch before the hubby woke me up and made me go to bed.
Saturday I spent some time at the gym and then headed out to my second sports game of the weekend. The football itself was pretty sad, but the perfect fall weather mostly made up for it.
My mom and I stopped for pumpkin ice cream (yum!) before heading home for some wine and more football (fall Saturdays are the best ever.) Dan met up with us after he left work and we all headed out for dinner, which was thankfully much better than Friday night's meal.
Sunday, Dan and I took a little drive and made a very exciting visit:
In just a few weeks, one of these little balls of fluff will become the newest member of our family! Dan and I have missed having a dog around so much, and somehow I seem to have let him talk me into getting a puppy -- a teeny tiny adorable un-housebroken always-chewing cat-terrorizing sweet fluffy puppy. This litter was born the day we got married, and their mama is calm, super affectionate, and gorgeous, if a bit exhausted:
you'd be a little tired if you had nine three-week-olds, too
... so we are crossing our fingers that we'll get one of these adorable guys:
They are quite possibly the cutest things ever. When you hold them, they snuggle up and make the most adorable little sounds, and a few of them just fell sound asleep in my arms. Any housebreaking worries I had definitely melted away when I met these sweet little things... I would clean up after them any day. (Remind me of that in a few weeks, please?)
We also got to play with this handsome guy (or girl?):
To round off the fun weekend, we headed out for dinner (Yes, that's three dinners out this weekend. Can you hear my wallet whimpering? I believe it's harmonizing with my waistline...) and a "ghost tour" with two good friends. While the tour was certainly on the tame side, we learned some interesting history and got to tour our town's old jail, which was pretty neat.
After such an exciting (and exhausting) weekend, I was fully expecting this morning to be a struggle. Sometimes Mondays surprise me, though -- the promise of starting my week on a good note lures me out of bed with less pain than normal and motivates me to get moving. This morning, I made it to the gym earlier than normal, powered through a tough workout, and even had time to grab breakfast on the way to work. As the week goes on, I'll find it harder and harder to get up each morning, so we're lucky that this morning started so well: it leaves lots of room for everything to go downhill from here!



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