March 25, 2011

Friday Favorites

It's that time again, girls and boys! And thank goodness, because there were several moments this week that I thought the weekend might not ever get here. Here we are, though, and I am ever so grateful! These are just a few things that I am celebrating this week...

Nerd alert: I am completely addicted to NPR. It is usually on in my car (much to Dan's chagrin) and I also listen to NPR podcasts pretty often while I run. It's my favorite way to keep up with the news and I learn something new literally everyday. I can't count how many conversations in a week I contribute to by saying "Well I heard on NPR the other day...." I especially love Car Talk, even though I have no interest in cars whatsoever -- those guys keep me laughing through a whole hour of running and I'm sure that the people around me think I'm crazy. Also, don't tell my co-workers, but I cry almost every Friday morning on my way to work: I'm always in the car when they play the weekly StoryCorps and I swear I tear up at practically every little interview.

I love me some cashews, so when we were at Target recently and I saw honey roasted cashews on sale, I knew I had to try them. Oh goodness, these things are addictive. How did I not discover them before? I have the container on my desk at work and it takes an incredible amount of willpower not to eat them by the handful.

I picked up this cute little bowl at Pier 1 this week (full disclosure: I was actually shopping for birthday presents for my mother and best friend. It was on sale though!) Apparently I have a thing for bowls, and when I got home and tried to find a home for this one, I realized that I have amassed quite a collection of cute bowls of varying shapes and sizes. Do they stage interventions for that kind of thing?

Ok, so I googled "drinks with friends" and, amidst the pictures of sloshed 20-somethings waving their Solo cups, found this gem. I couldn't pass it up! Technically, this favorite is left over from last week, when I met up with an old friend of Dan's (and mine, since I've known her) for drinks and dinner. She is such a sweetheart and since most of my college friends live in other towns or states, it was so great to spend some time just catching up and talking with her. The cat is cute, but sometimes human interaction is just necessary, you know?
Can you hear the celebrating from where you are? As of this morning's run, I have officially made it 100 miles this year. To the seasoned runner, 100 miles sounds more like 2-3 weeks, but as a beginner who is trying doggedly to convince myself to like running and stick with it, this is a pretty huge milestone. Especially considering the knee pain that kept me from running for several weeks in January/February. At the rate I've been running recently (4 times a week-ish), though, my next "century" should go faster and, I hope, easier. By this summer, I hope to be ready for a few road races that have been on my radar but I've been too nervous to sign up for yet. This weekend, however, I know one thing for sure -- I'm celebrating my first 100 with ice cream!
I hope that you all have wonderful, exciting weekends lined up. Dan and I are heading to see my bestie and her boyfriend tomorrow, and I can't wait! It's been several weeks and I'm really excited to catch up with her. Then Sunday I'm hoping to get a few wedding-related items checked off of my to-do list!
Happy weekend, everyone!



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