March 19, 2011

The Twilight Bark

Remember this?

Well you'll be happy to know that American dogs, apparently, use it too. At least the ones in our neighborhood do.
One of our lovely neighbors seems to have made the brilliant decision to leave their puppy at home alone tonight. Said puppy has been barking since about 6:00 this evening. It's been a beautiful warm day here, so we've had our windows and back door open, meaning that we can hear this little guy as if he is sitting on our back porch. He has, in the past 5 hours or so, barked himself nearly hoarse, presumably attempting to alert everyone in the surrounding counties that he is lonely and would like for his family to come home now. What's even better, every other dog in the neighborhood has taken it upon themselves to help him spread this message. So we have been sitting here listening to the chorus of barking and watching the cat worry himself nearly to death over the noise. Dan has been contemplating various methods of doggy silencing. I'm just hoping the poor puppy decides to take a nap soon.
Happy Friday, everyone!



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