March 14, 2011

Weekend by the Numbers

6 trips back and forth from my apartment to Dan's parents' house to housesit/hang out with his brother while his mom and dad are in sunny Florida (I'm only a little jealous). Wouldn't be so bad, except we live on complete opposite ends of town. I tried so many different routes and they all took me at least 25 minutes. On the bright side, more time to roll the windows down and pretend it was really summer, since it was gorgeous outside this weekend.

2 classic movies that I was able to catch on tv (although I actually own one of them): Legally Blonde and Wedding Crashers. Laugh out loud funny and great to have on in the background while I cleaned, cooked, and did some very important relaxing on the couch.

8 pages read in the book I just started. Which brings me to a grand total of something like 17 pages. When I was young I could start and finish a book in less than a week. This one is a long one, but really? I definitely need to make more time in my life to sit down and read. There are so many books I want to start, but at this rate I don't stand a chance.

7 miles run on Sunday. As I try with all my might to get into running, I've so far been avoiding the apparent training staple: a long run on the weekend. My weekends are often jam packed with things to do, the weather has been cold and I don't have three hours to sacrifice to a treadmill, and, to be honest.... I'm a little afraid of what my definition of "long" might turn out to be. (Does 3 miles count?) This week, though, I worked on getting myself into a routine, where I ran before work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Each morning I made it through 3.5 miles (and the plan is to increase gradually every week), so I figured if I could handle that, I could push myself to do a decent length this weekend. By no means did I run the entire 7 miles, but I ran more than I walked, and most importantly: it actually felt good. Plus I was seriously proud of myself by the end. The only problem is that a long run on Sundays messes with my MWF schedule because I need a day to recover, so I'm going to have to put some thought into that.

3.5 magazines browsed through. See, I told you I spent some serious time on the couch this weekend. My mom passed down two Cooking Lights and one Good Housekeeping, both of which I love even though Dan makes fun of me for being an old lady. I found a few yummy recipe ideas and dreamed a little bit about buying a house someday. I also made it part of the way through Martha Stewart Weddings:
but then I got sleepy. I love that yellow cake though!

1 guy with 4 wives: yep, you read that right. Last night I caught the TLC special and then the season premier of "Sister Wives." I think I'd heard of it before, but I'd never seen the show, and let me tell you: I was fascinated. It's a very real glimpse into the polygamist family (think Big Love, but true life) of one guy, four "sister wives," and something like 16 kids. I think what struck me the most was how normal they seemed -- aside from the major difference in way of life, the four wives and their husband really appeared down-to-earth, kind, incredibly normal adults and parents. I know that it's not something I would choose, but I thought the show did a great job of respecting their decision and portraying them not as bizarre oddities, but people who simply have differing views than most of the rest of the world. I will definitely be trying to catch more episodes this season!

24 devil's food cupcakes baked, with another batch of 24 still sitting in my fridge, just calling my name. I'm hoping I can hold off baking them until Dan gets home next weekend so that I have someone else to help me eat them. The first 24 are for my stepmom's birthday today, so between work and dinner I have to run home and whip up some of my very favorite cream cheese icing to frost them. I have chocolate sprinkles for some and raspberries for others. Can you spell yum? I got the recipe from this adorable blog and I may or may not have eaten one last night (every chef has to taste test first, right?). Absolutely delicious. We are going out for what is sure to be a fantastic dinner and then coming home for these. What a lovely night.

1 hour lost.... boo. It will be so nice to have the sun shining later every day, but I also kind of hate losing sleep. Even though I slept a little bit late to make up for it, so I suppose I should stop complaining.

That's how my weekend added up. Hope everyone else's was wonderful too!



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