March 21, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

Spring in college was a magical time. During the winter, we all seemed to exist in a sort of frozen discontent, but as soon as the weather got warm the whole campus started to smile again. Even all the piles of work seemed a little more enjoyable. Springtime meant...
Pretty flowers all over campus (that's really a picture from campus) 
and fun with statues (Dan and Thomas Jefferson get a little up close and personal)
Wine and yummy sandwiches outside with friends here, the incredible stuffed sno-ball from hereway too many late night treks to Wawa, and wonderful coffee dates on the front porch here
More sunlight and classes coming to an end, which meant less time in the library's Starbucks 
and more time "studying" (ahem) outside with friends
Formals with lots of wonderful people

This spring, however, is going to be a little a lot different. I miss so much about college, but I'm looking forward to this season and experiencing spring out in the "real world," full of...
Adorable skirts (I'm kind of in LOVE with everysingleoneofthese)
Taking advantage of all the sunlight with lots of trail running and some serious spring cleaning
A wedding!
A teeny tiny vacation (think 4 days) with my hubby-to-be. I don't actually know where we're going yet, but I'm hoping it will be warm!
Unfortunately, my spring will end on a sad note, as my sweet first lieutenant and I will have to say goodbye for a while. Luckily, though, this means that I have the next few months to spend with him, and I'm hoping to enjoy every single moment that we can together. As Dan texted me about two months ago:
"I can't wait until the spring time.  I have so many ideas bouncing around in my noggin.  
This is going to be the best spring EVER."
Love that guy!

Happy spring, everyone!


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