March 6, 2011

(Mostly) Silent Sundays

Oh hey there blog! Nice to know that you're still here, even though you've been a little neglected lately. It's been a busy weekend, so I figured it would be fun (and easier, I'm trying to conserve brain cells for the long week ahead) to share what I've been up to in picture form. Except I didn't take any pictures. My poor camera has also been pretty neglected recently -- it hasn't seen the light of day in several weeks. So I'm borrowing the photography skills of others this time around, and hopefully next week I'll do better at taking a few snapshots of my own.

We spent the weekend at Dan's house with his brothers since his parents are in 
Florida with his sister, who is about to have a baby! Saturday started with a little bit of relaxation:
(I wish my bed looked like that)
... and then Dan's little brother made us french toast for breakfast:
We headed back to our apartment for the afternoon to check on the furball 
and took a short nap:
Saturday night, we headed out with Dan's brother and his girlfriend 
for a delicious dinner of this:
... (although ours looked much better than this picture and came with the best tartar sauce ever), 
plus a few of these:
Even though we were stuffed, we stopped by for some of this afterwards:
Soooo good! Then we went to see this movie:
... which was hysterical and a perfect date night pick. This lady:
is one of my very favorite people. She is so gorgeous and just an 
inspiring personality both on- and off-screen!
Today, Dan and I braved our hometown mall (one of my least favorite 
places to be -- always crowded and chaotic) to make a big purchase:
... our wedding rings! (nope, not the ones in the picture)
I'm working on a post all about our wedding plans this week, so stay tuned!
I also treated myself to one of these:
... which I crave every once in a while.
Then we headed back to Dan's house -- his grandmother came to town this afternoon
to hang out with the boys during the week, and she made a fantastic dinner:
All the food I consumed this weekend was so worth it, 
but it means I will be doing a lot of this:
... this week!



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