March 15, 2011

Kitchen Lust

I often open my laptop just to check my email quickly or to write a blog post, but I am so easily sidetracked that I end up spending an hour doing something unrelated (and typically unproductive). I start going through the blogs in my reader, click on a link, and the next thing I know I'm buried in more tabs than I can count, with articles and images and items to add to my ever-growing wish list. Tonight was no exception: I got online to write one email that I've been needing to send for days, and here I am, 45 minutes later, drooling over gorgeous kitchens. I wouldn't want to just waste all that effort, so I thought I'd share some of my favorites here. Prepare to be jealous (I certainly am):

left: I love the exposed beams on the ceiling, the arched doorway, and the fact that the oven is in a center island. I also like the chandelier, but I don't think it really works here.
right: I am in love with the hardwood floors and cabinets, as well as the counter above the stove (genius!) I also really like the oven and what looks like a huge refrigerator on the right. The sunflowers are the perfect touch! (Although what the heck is that thing in the top left corner?)

left: The white here is kind of overpowering, but I love the big window and the recessed lighting under the cabinets. Very chic, and not bad for a kitchen-in-a-hallway.
right: I really love the exposed brick in this kitchen: it makes the whole room so warm and comfortable. I also like the appliances here, but I'm not a fan of the cabinets -- I tend to prefer a little bit more modern look.

left: This is such a huge room, I would kill to have that much counter space! I think the white really works here, it looks clean and provides the perfect contrast to the dark countertop and hardwood. I love the glass-paned cabinets, the double oven, and the way that this one seems to stretch forever and ever.
right: I think the pale yellow light in this room is what does it for me -- a combination of lots of natural sunlight and the fixtures in the glassed-in cabinets. I also love the cabinet and countertop colors and the adorable low counter -- perfect for feeding kids dinner or a quick snack. I would probably set up my laptop right there and study/work.

I love my little kitchen and think it's pretty great for its size. Which is tiny... teeeeeny tiny. I (clearly) spend lots of time dreaming of owning a house with a huge, gorgeous kitchen.



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